Below are some links I want to share with you:

Oakley-dokely: my blog. I trust you'll find something useful ... then feel free to use as appropriate!

Oakley: the leader in performance optics and apparel for the active individuals. You see their products on Olympians, skaters, surfers, golfers, enthusiasts, and, of course MYSELF. With about 69 pairs of Oakleys and tons of shoes/sandal, clothes for various sports/season, watches, etc., you'll see me sporting Oakleys wherever I go!

The Boot Campaign: This is a grassroots campaign started by five Texas women known as The Boot Girls. The Boot Campaign is a way Americans can show their suport for our US Armed Forces. Through purchasing a pair of combat boots, customized with The Boot Campaign logo, Amercans can proudly wear the boots and encourage others to "Get Your Boots On" to help show appreciation of our miliary heroes who serve and sacrifice everyday for our nation! Catch The Boot Campaign's weekly radio show here!

Irvine Lake Mud Run: This 5K Mud Run at Irvine Lake focuses on FUN FUN FUN! The inaugural run on October 25, 2009 impressed my friends who joined in on the fun with me. As first-time mudrunners their initial mud run experience that day would be a do-or-die in terms of getting them to put value on my "fun" recommendations in the future. They all want to participate int he next mud run on April 10, 2010 and brought others into a 31-person socialMUDia team! I believe that speaks for itself! The biggest testament was after seeing the pictures and videos from this event, and hearing about people's comments ... my wife, who is NOT a runner, had a blast! Our socialMUDia team combined with the Gavin's Groupies team, by the Fall 2010 race and have made great connections among the teams. What's awesome about the Irvine Lake Mud Run Organizers is that they've designated The Gavin R. Steven's Foundation to be the named beneficiary of all of the 2011 races ... please come out and support us ... and don't miss out on the FUN!

Gavin R. Stevens Foundation: "Our mission is to raise awareness and increase funding for research to find a treatment and cure for blindness, focusing on Leber's Congenital Amaurosis (LCA)." Gavin Stevens has LCA, and while being a two year old, he has touched a number of lives and we are all putting our efforts together in this misson. In Fall 2010, through efforts of Gavin's Groupies over $25,000 was raised at a first ever Annual Gavin's Groupies Golf Tournament. Gavin's Groupies will not rest until Gavin has sight!

Tour de Sight: "Cycling Coast To Coast for LCA," in April 2012 a group of dedicated individuals will embark on an adventure that will take them from the East Coast to the West Coast, on bicycles. Starting in Maryland and ending in California these non-professional cyclists will spread awareness for LCA and to raise over $100,000 for the Gavin R. Steven's Foundation.

i9 Sports: this sports league introduces sportsmanship and competition to kids, preparing them not only for team play during the season, but also for teamwork in general. Learning a sport is challenging enough, so why not remove the unnecessary (and embarrassing) screaming parents and coaches from the equation? My boys learned how to play flag football through the "i9 Sports Experience" because they wanted to improve at each position and at each game they played.