Event Pictures & Video

FALL 2010 - Xterra Trail Run at Crystal Cove, CA

On Sunday, December 12, 2010, the Xterra Trail Run Racing Series made its stop at beautiful Crystal Cove once again. While it was mid-December, it was a sunny and the temps were in the mid-80's. While this would have been great for beach time, the hills at this course are brutal, so some mental preparation was needed ... and TONS of hydration before the race. I like to close out my year of running here at Crystal Cove, because it really IS one of THE most beautiful spots of Mother Nature around Orange County. Here is a shot along the crest, right before the final descent into the finish line (come on ... how can you complain about the torture of the hills when you've got this panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean to look forward to?!):

I shaved two minutes off my time from when I ran this in April 2010, so that was a nice accomplishment, especially considering it was HOT HOT HOT that day, and this was another race I competed in wearing my boots from The Boot Campaign and The Boot Girls! "get YOUR boots on!"

FALL 2010 - The Gladiator Rock'n Run at Irvine, CA

On Saturday, December 4, 2010, the national racing series, The Gladiator Rock'n Run made its inaugural stop at Irvine, CA. This race originated from a friend of mine ...THE Gladiator of Gladiators himself, Dan "Nitro" Clark ...so you just KNEW it would be challenging, yet fun. Another race I ran with fellow Gavin's Groupies, I sported the Oakleys and of course ... my boots from The Boot Campaign and The Boot Girls! Just a few days prior to the race I received my dog tags that were custom-made in silver specifially for The Boot Campaign. You can bet these dog tags went step-by-step with me along the course, as I honored the sacrifices made day-by-day and step-by-step by our US Armed Forces.

Check out some crazy muddy pix from this event here, courtesy of Lee-Huang Chen of LHC Photography!

The photo above is courtesy of Lee-Huang Chen of LHC Photography.

FALL 2010 - Irvine Lake Mud Run - Mudfest at Orange County, CA

This mudrun turned out to be THE muddiest so far at the Irvine Lake Mud Run! The consistency in the mud was perfect ...in grasping my legs at one point,
The consistency in the mud was perfect ...in grasping my legs at one point, causing me to get stuck like a statue. Fortunately my boots from The Boot Campaign were secured on me, otherwise I'd have to call upon my friends, The Boot Girls, to rescue me! What made this mud run special for me was some teammates from our Gavin's Groupies team ran "blind" to experience the world Gavin Stevens experiences. Please read more about this memorable experience here. (Additional pictures of our Gavin's Groupies team at this mud run were taken by action sports photographer Scott Roeder of Scaughty Photography, and are shared here.) (By the way, something of a rarity ... the pic below shows me WITHOUT my Oakleys on ... but it's hanging on my shirt collar, though!)

The photo above is courtesy of Scott Roeder of Scaughty Photography

FALL 2010 - 9/11 HEROES RUN at Irvine, CA

This year 9/11 fell on a Saturday and the 9/11 Heroes Run in Irvine was a "make-sense" run to participate in. A solemn National Anthem was sung and the Mayor of Irvine gave a talk about heroes we have in our lives each day: those serving in our U.S. Armed Forces, the firefighters, the police, and the first responders. This race was the first race I began running in boots from The Boot Campaign. The Boot Campaign is a nationwide effort by five women from Texas, collectively referred to as The Boot Girls. The Boot Girls remind folks to "get YOUR boots on" in support of our troops! Please check out how these boots took a beating in this race here (courtesy of Scott Roeder of Scaughty Photography).

The photo above is courtesy of Scott Roeder of Scaughty Photography

SPRING 2010 - Playa del Run at Huntington Beach, CA

It's been quite a Spring season of runs for me. On June 5, 2010 it was time to try out my first beach run and sand sprint...yes, TWO races in one day. The 5K
Beach Run was a refreshing one as it was right along the shore in beautiful

Huntington Beach! A half-hour after the 5K, I participated with others in the one-mile sand sprint. Nothing like running on loose sand through obstacles along the way. Overall, it was an amazing morning having two fun races back-to-back!

SPRING 2010 - Xterra Trail Run at Crystal Cove, CA

After multiple postponements since December 2009, the Xterra Trail Trun at Crystal Cove finally happened on April 25, 2010. This was my first ever trail run, and while it was only a 5K it certainly felt like more! Fortunately this was at Crystal Cove, one of the most scenic trail run spots you could ask for. The hills were steep, but the scenic views were serene. While it was such a grueling first trail run for me that after completing it with my friends, I'm ready to sign up for the next Crystal Cove Trail Run! Let these pictures speak for itself!

SPRING 2010 - Irvine Lake Mud Run at Orange County, CA

The Spring Irvine Lake Mud Run was held on April 10, 2010. My friends and I had such a great time at the mud run in October that we decided to invite more of our friends from Facebook and Twitter. In the end we had about 31 folks combine into The socialMUDia Team! We ranged from the newbie runners, to the triathletes ... and everyone in between! I put my FlipUltraHD in its waterproof case and took to the mud. Check out the pictures showing the fun socialMUDia had!

You do not want to miss out on The Summer of Mud at Irvine Lake Mud on July 17, 2010!

FALL 2009 - Irvine Lake Mud Run at Orange County, CA

The Inaugural Irvine Lake Mud Run was held on October 25, 2009. My friends and I had THE BEST TIME participating! See for yourself in these videos (video1, video2), courtesy of Chelsey Veturis, my teammate in The RED C!

You do not want to miss out on the next Irvine Lake Mud Run on April 10, 2010!

SPRING 2009 - Under8 Flag Football at Orange County, CA

Both of our sons, Joshua and Justin, participated in the i9 Sports Flag Football league this Spring. They were a part of the 2009 U8 Spartans this season. It was amazing watching them learn how to play the game of football from the first day of practice, until the last tournament game. The "i9 Sports Experience" is a great way to introduce them into a balance between sportsmanship and competition.

As a proud Daddy I grabbed the video camera and picked highlights from this season's games, not only for our boys but also for the other parents and players to enjoy: 2009 U8 Spartans.