I'm a Southern California sports enthusiast that loves to get together with amateurs and professionals from various sports. It's always interesting to observe  that mainstream news is just that ... or is it? I've found that many of the topics that really impact people these days can somehow be looked at from a sports-oriented angle.

It could be just as simple as understanding what everyone was thinking before we all dove out of the plane for our skydive. Perhaps it was the conversation after riding shotgun ten laps around the track with a champion NASCAR driver. Maybe it might be enriching to know the reason why some participate in 50-mile ultra runs. What can someone learn from running "blind" an entire 5K mud run obstacle course? Whatever the topics are, the perspective gained in those discussions provide application in daily life.

As I went about sharing these experiences and conversations with friends and colleagues here in Orange County, they suggested I begin a blog so that others may benefit from a message relayed before, but not absorbed. Sometimes that message just needs a different storyteller.

I blog, I compete, I have fun, and I live.

Hit me up when you have topics in particular you want to hear my perspective on!